Kristen Frost

It is said that London is the cross-roads of the business world and for anyone who has a passion for the Hospitality Industry it is the city to learn and work in, provided that the individual is well equipped with the necessary qualifications and is able to work in its ever changing world. 

The Hospitality Industry, mainly the contract catering and restaurant sector has always been my passion and I am always eager to improve my knowledge and skills in the food service area. It has always been my dream to go to University and gain the necessary qualifications needed to be an effective manager in the Hospitality Industry and an asset to the organisation I will eventually work for in London. 

The PM trust has generously helped support me over the past three years at Thames Valley University not only in financial terms but in moral terms as well. From my initial contact with the Trust and throughout each year I felt that they have always been interested in my progress both in my studies and in my professional development. In fact the very fact that they are so interested in how I am doing motivates me to try harder.

The bonus is that each board member knows the Hospitality Industry very well and is aware of what is needed to succeed in its competitive sphere. They have taken the time to meet me on one occasion and I was made to feel at ease and each member took the time to talk to me and find out more about me and my plans for the future.   In each member I saw a role model of what I believe is necessary in today’s industry, focused individuals who have the ability to motivate individuals as myself.

The PM trust has not only aided in fuelling my passion for the industry but has enabled me to better myself in being able to gain the necessary qualifications needed to be competent in my chosen profession in London. My degree will help me improve my knowledge of the hospitality industry and help form me as a better person as well.

Written by Kristen Frost 05/04/2009

Further news from Kristen:

"I am happy to email and say I have officially finished my BA hospitality Degree at Thames Valley and am in the process of sending you a copy of my transcript and certificate.  my graduation is on the 23rd of November.  I would like to say thank you very much for the PM trusts support over the past 4 years as I know the money could have been used to support more students other than my self.  I am in the process of finalising a job here in London at the moment and will let you know when I know what I will be doing   Thank you again,    Kristen"